FORCYS was founded in 2015 on the value that all employees deserve to be paid correctly and on time, no matter the company’s size.

We decided to offer payroll as a service to companies using a cloud-based payroll solution.

Since then, we have developed a growing, close-knit team that is big enough to handle our client’s capacity 365 days a year, ensuring there is never any downtime or late payments.

Today, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, our team of payroll and tax specialists will ensure that your payroll is processed on time and compliant with all the latest legal and statutory requirements. In saying that, our clients span across South Africa and no company is too big or small for us to handle.

We are a company that prides itself in the strictest security and confidentiality for our clients, and being a process-oriented organisation allows us to deliver on time, every time, freeing you up to focus on your core business. As the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act came into effect in 2020, we have strict measures in place ensuring all employee information is protected.

The Benefits of using FORCYS as your outsourced payroll providers are:

A dedicated team of payroll and tax specialists are always on hand.

Often, the payroll is left to an office manager or internal accountant, and if that person is sick, goes on extended leave, or finds a new job, the company’s payroll process and knowledge go with that person.

However, outsourcing the payroll process to a payroll administration company reduces the risk of this happening as the responsibility sits with a team of dedicated specialists.

Using a full-service outsourcing company comes with objectivity.

There is no personal connection to the company’s employees and no chance of salary chatter in the corridors.

FORCYS prides itself on confidentiality, and this is instilled in every employee. We also offer executive payroll  for companies that want to keep their executive salaries private.

By outsourcing payroll management, companies can cut down on costs.

Running your payroll department internally means salary costs, office resources, training costs and leave costs. Outsourcing to a third party payroll provider means a fixed cost based on the delivery of the agreed-upon services.

Our cloud-based solution provides our clients with a cost-efficient alternative that eliminates hardware, software, licences, maintenance and updates, and removes the reliance on your administration personnel.

A cloud solution provides peace of mind knowing your data is always secure and backed up.

As experts in the field of payroll management, we are always on top of the ever-changing statutory requirements around payroll and ensure that businesses are abiding by the relevant laws. All companies are required to comply with certain laws and regulations which includes the treatment and payment of their employees. In South Africa, these compliances are regulated by national labour laws which have been put into place to protect the country’s workforce.

At FORCYS, we’re passionate about the services we offer and are incredibly proud of our dedicated team that’s responsible for the world-class service our clients receive.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.