Outsource Payroll

FORCYS is a trusted full-service payroll provider, staffed by industry experts in outsourced payroll services.

We have already discussed the benefits of payroll outsourcing on our About Page and here we will focus on the services and benefits that FORCYS offers their clients.

Payroll outsourcing and management is when an organization uses a third-party service provider to handle the administrative and compliance tasks associated with employee pay.

It often includes payroll preparation, payroll management and includes filing payroll taxes and payments on a company’s behalf.

The first advantage of using outsourced fully managed payroll services is that there is objective control and protection of sensitive company data and salary information. It also reduces the risk of payroll errors, incorrect deductions, and noncompliance.

The second is that using outsourced payroll services removes the need to employ dedicated resources or take time away from the financial department for payroll preparation letting the organization focus on its core offerings while a team of payroll and payroll tax specialists assist you in managing this critical part of your business.

Payroll Processing:

No matter if you require payroll services for small businesses or if you’re a large corporation, we confidently handle all your employees with care and confidentiality.

This includes:

Leave Management and Employee Self Service Module

Outsourcing your payroll management to FORCYS will help your business to establish clear leave policies. We handle the consolidation of all leave requests.

Our Cloud Payroll Solution offers an ‘Employee Self Service’ module, where employees can maintain their personal information, submit leave and view their payslips.

Tax submission and Statutory reporting

Each month we submit and handle the payment of PAYE, UIF and SDL as part of our payroll tax service.  This includes the submission of monthly UIF declaration to the Department of Labour. Complying with the law in terms of statutory reporting can be tricky as it is ever-changing. Our team of experts is constantly on top of any developments, and we will submit the following on behalf of the company as your third-party payroll service providers.

We provide input to the following reports: –

Payroll Outsourcing Costs:

Our finance model is based on a per pay slip per month basis with no additional charges during the year. This allows companies to accurately forecast the expenditure for payroll outsourcing.

At FORCYS, we always engage with our clients to get a full understanding of the unique payroll needs of the given organization, and only then will we quote on a managed payroll solution that fits their specific needs.

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