Fully Managed Payroll Services

Getting your payroll right is one of the most important things you can do for your company. 

At FORCYS, we offer fully managed payroll services for large and small businesses across South Africa. 

Our payroll management services ensure that your staff are paid correctly and on time, all the time.

Payroll Management Process

FORCYS is a process orientated company. 

We follow a standard process but fine-tune each process to fit each customer to meet their specific timelines and internal processes.

There are many reasons to outsource your payroll to a payroll management company, and the team at FORCYS is on hand to help you run your company payroll smoothly. 

We assist companies with the timely payment of staff wages and salaries, clearly explaining deductions and other statutory requirements, for example, income tax and UIF.

Companies are mandated by law to have a payroll to document remuneration, leave structure, bonuses, allowances, expenses, and deductions and comply with their employees’ tax requirements. They also need to keep these records for a specific period of time.

At FORCYS we use a cloud-based payroll management solution that provides our clients with a cost-efficient solution that eliminates hardware, software, licences, maintenance and manual updates. 

You can have complete peace of mind knowing your data is always secure and backed up.

Our team never sleeps and operates 365 days a year, ensuring there is never any downtime or late payments.

Contact us today for all your payroll management needs.